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Our Mission Statement

As a church anchored in the North End of Hamilton, Hughson exists to join God as His Spirit builds Christ’s kingdom in our lives, neighbourhood, and city.

Our Vision Statement (adopted September 2012)

The vision for Hughson St Baptist Church over the next three years is that we will have developed greater wholeness in our lives, excellence in our ministries, incarnational living in the North End and a greater witness to Jesus within a new facility for worship and service to our God.

God’s intention for us is an experience of wholeness through relationship with Him leading to deep fellowship and sacrificial love for one another among our diverse congregation. Over the next three years we envision Hughson as a place for passionate worship of God where Sunday worship services and prayer ministries will be vital points of connection to God where we can be refreshed, inspired and challenged. We will engage in Christ-centered friendships giving priority to encouraging one another in our understanding of God’s grace, holiness and love while practically supporting and caring for each other.

We will serve each other and our neighbourhood with thoughtful, vision-driven ministries whose teams prayerfully consider and reflect upon God’s calling for them so that they serve Him with excellence. A focus on alignment between our ministries will create a healthier support for the individuals and families we journey with. Hughson’s leadership will more intentionally walk alongside of our ministry chairs and volunteers to ensure that God has gifted each person for the areas they are serving Him.

With a heart for the marginalized, Hughson will thoughtfully cultivate some of the relationships God has blessed us with by identifying strategies to both equip our minds and engage our hearts so that we long to extend invitations to friends, family members and neighbours to embrace Christ. With increased intentionality, we believe God will guide those of us learning to live incarnationally in the North End to prayerfully engage the systems and structures here.

Hughson will continue to play an integral part in God’s restoring work in Hamilton by prayerfully developing our partnerships with other TrueCity churches, our church plant Lightway, and the Karen congregation.

We believe that the energy, time and resources God has called us to invest in developing the new church building over the next three years, will result in a renovated facility where for generations God will be glorified and worshiped, believers will be strengthened and encouraged and His saving grace will be extended to all.