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This is an international Conferene with some well-known evangelical speakers like Don Carson, Tim Keller and Kevin DeJong.  For full information about the conference and to register click here.   Some of the Hughson Staff plan to attend and there are opportunities for carpooling or perhaps sharing accomodations.  If you're interested, contact the office.  

Here's the theme for this year's conference: "As important as it is to understand the gospel and defend it, it is no less important to proclaim it. One must not only articulate the gospel faithfully, one must “gospelize”—that is, evangelize. One of the best ways to preserve the gospel is to give it away. God forbid that we should retreat into holy huddles of theological reflection that never burn with a holy zeal to spread the good news —individually, through our local churches, cross-culturally, at home, and to the ends of the earth.

To fan into flame our smoldering commitments to evangelize, we plan to think through a selection of Jesus’s interactions with individuals and small groups—to listen in to conversations with Jesus. So at The Gospel Coalition’s 2019 National Conference, the keynotes are devoted to thinking through a selection of “conversations with Jesus,” in the earnest hope that they will spur us not only to gospel faithfulness, but also to gospel proclamation. Moreover, we are devoting some of our workshops to various facets of evangelism and apologetics, along with our usual wide range of topics."