We are here to welcome 18-25 year olds into the Hughson family.  Whether you are here for only a few weeks or 8 months, we want you to feel that you can belong to a local church, met new friends and grow in your faith.  This year we are offering two groups to intentionally build community and grow together spiritually.  We will be studying similar material and encourage you to join a group that you can faithfully commit to that also works with your school or work schedule.

Wednesday’s at the Merkus’, 7:15pm 99 Erie Ave

LEADERS: Chris and Serena have been attending Hughson for the last 5 years and were just married this past October!

• Thursday’s at the Spoelstra’s, 7:30pm 109 Kensington Ave S

LEADERS: Jordan and Deanna have been a part of Hughson for over 10 years.  Jordan fights pests both as a Skedaddle professional and as a part of the Canadian Military.  Deanna works part-time with our Children’s Ministry.  They have 3 children aged 1, 3 and 6.