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The elders have recognized a special need for urgent, sustained prayer as we look to the Lord for the final funding of the 500 James Street Project.

At this time we are needing $5.5 million dollars to complete the project, ideally by June 2020, but $3 million by the New Year. To this end, they are calling on all our members, regular attenders, and friends to join us in praying for the Lord’s provision.

Here are some ways that you can join in praying over the next several months:

Sunday Prayer

Every week we will give some time to praying together for this need.  It may be before the service, after the service or during the service.

Tuesday Prayer 7am @ 383 Hughson St N.

The elders are gathering every week and invite anyone to come and join them for an hour, or any part of it, for prayer. 

Community Groups

We will ask our groups to commit time monthly to pray for the Lord’s provision for the project.

Written Notices & Fasting

Watch for special notices to prayer via email, and some times for fasting as a church family as we seek the Lord in this matter.