Luke 19:11-44

We want to be in charge. We may not want to be in charge of a lot but we all want to be in charge of our lives and a few of the lives around us. We struggle with authority…at school, at work, at home. ‘Why do they get to decide when I take my holiday’s?’ ‘What right does by-law have to tell me I need a permit?’ ‘That prof assigns too much work.’

We can detest that there is an ultimate authority – God who gets to determine who we should be and how we should live?  Some of our aversion to authority is rooted in our wanting to be in charge and some of us it is rooted in our human experience of dealing with those who are in charge - some of whom are good but imperfect people and others of whom are corrupted by self-absorption and power.

How do we relate to a good all-powerful King – who is good and kind while being Sovereignly holy?