Resurrection Hope

So often things don’t go as planned. We have a flat tire on the way to an appointment. One of the kid’s puke on the way out the door. The house we purchased needs more renovations than anticipated. We were passed over for a promotion we counted on. COVID-19 ruthlessly strikes. The pandemic has ushered in both a spirit of grief and a spirit of fear. Grief over what we’ve lost or are losing and fear over what’s next. The disciples faced grief and fear. At the crucifixion they lost their leader, the Messiah…Jesus. They grieved the loss of a friend. They grieved the loss of the one they thought was going to usurp the Roman Empire. And they feared they were next. What they didn’t expect was resurrection. Resurrection that would turn grief to joy and fear to peace. Resurrection that still brings joy and peace because resurrection is our hope.