Passion. At some point in our Christian life we have all experienced a fervor to grow in our faith. Maybe it was shortly after you were saved. You wanted to know more about who God is, what His Word says, how you fit into the kingdom and how you serve Him. You came to church praying God would speak to you, signed up to serve and did so sacrificially, you veraciously read the Bible and threw yourself at God in prayer. And life distracts us – sometimes it’s just to survive. The business of establishing a career, providing for a family or raising children. Sometimes it’s the pursuit of education or advancement or success. The newness of your relationship with God is, at least at first, unintentionally substituted for other passions. You find yourself prioritizing other interests before your relationship with God.  

Join us Sunday livestream or in person at 9 or 11 am as we take a look at how we continue to prioritize growing in our faith. The notes are attached.  

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