Christ's Victorious Work

We hear about the darkness. The oppression of war. The atrocities of genocide. Abandoned children. Abused victims. We witness the darkness. The crushing impact of consumerism. The devastation of selfishness. The abuse of power. There are times when the evil around us is from us…we are its cause. There are times when an intelligent evil is orchestrating his plan. We often feel overwhelmed by the evil. At times, it seemingly has won. We will spend five weeks examining the Spiritual War we find ourselves in. Everyone one the planet is in this war…though many don’t recognize it. Satan is fighting for survival and will take as many people down with him as possible. Thanks be to God, Christ has decisively defeated Satan. As we begin this series, we want to be reminded of the victorious power of Christ over every power and authority.

Join us Sunday morning as we launch into this important series examining the war we find ourselves in. The notes are attached.