Spiritual Growth Opportunities at Hughson

As part of Hughson’s overall spiritual growth strategy, the elders are excited to both offer some upcoming classes/seminars and community groups. If you are looking for a community group we’d encourage you to... Read More

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500 James Project Update

DEMOLITION IS COMPLETED! It started on Monday November 6th and on Thursday November 23 the final strokes were made to clean up the site.  We've got a few pictures up to show you the progress through the couple of... Read More


Overflow Seating at Bennetto

40 extra seats are now available in the library at Bennetto on Sunday mornings. There will be a live feed from the main auditorium to follow the service and join in the worship.  We are encouraging our regular... Read More


Finance Update

We have completed Hughson’s fiscal year as it runs from September through August each year. Last year's operating budget was $576,751 and we are blessed to report that our income was $636,648 and expenses were... Read More