Growing to Serve

Hughson Street Baptist Church has been serving in the North End of Hamilton since 1887. Through God's blessing our church has moved from a place where it was nearly empty to the place where we have had to move our worship services to the school across the road from our church. 

Our 'New' Building

God graciously provided the funding for us to purchase a building located just a block away from our existing church. The new facility at 500 James St N was 30,000 square feet compared to our current 8,000 square feet. However in order for it to accommodate our church and the housing God has led us to build, we have demolished the building and are preparing to build something new. 

Affordable Housing

Not only will the new building serve as a place of worship in ministry, but it will also offer 45 apartments for the marginalized. We are partnering with Indwell, a Christian charity that creates affordable housing communities, in order to make this dream a reality.

The Campaign for Hughson

We have started to build and are anticipating moving into the church portion in February 2020 and housing occupancy in April 2020. God has provided above and beyond our expectations so far in the project. It is well beyond our capacity as a church family so even though our members are heavily committed to giving sacrificially to the project, we can't do this without help from people who believe that Hughson should grow, in order to serve.

The total cost of the project is $19 million. We have secured $6.3 million in government funding for the housing portion, and God has helped to raise another $6.6 million, which leaves us still needing another $6.1 million to completely finance the project.

Partnering with Us

Please watch the following video to find out more about the ministries and vision of Hughson Street Baptist Church. You can also download our capital campaign brochure Growing to Serve for more information. Or if you are ready to partner with us on this project please fill out our online financial commitment form.